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She portrays authenticity and character. She’s an innovative and eloquent creator whose art is driven by her never-ending desire to make a difference in the world.

Spirit of Diversity

I’ve decided to delete my previous formal “politically correct bio” to re-write it in first person because this story calls for connection. The illusion that I am my own singular individual writing this now is solely that: an illusion. So I invite you to connect with me in this – so called bio that reads more like a story – as though you are me.

I was born in São Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil, but I grew up in a small town (that now it’s probably not that small) called Alphaville, still in the state of SP. Both of my parents had quite of an unusual story. My father was brought up in a very poor family in the favelas of Bahia, and shared a room with his both parents and four siblings. When things got really tight, for lunch and dinner they would eat green bananas (no time to wait for the ripe ones) from the banana trees around their “house”. My father told me that they often ate like that for months in a row. But when things got a little bit better and his parents were able to buy some food, his mother would make lots of cakes for her children to sell in school and help sustain the family.

From selling cakes to peanuts and candy, or anything at all available, this life style started to take all of my father’s time, as he wanted to make sure his younger sisters had food on the table. So by age 11 he quit school to dedicate his full time into taking care of his family.

Long story short, my father moved to São Paulo in his teen years in search for a better life, and ended up becoming a musician. On his late teens he was playing guitar and singing all over Sao Paulo with his band Virgens Lagartos. Until the day that the band’s manager decided to land my father some money so he could try out the new “computer thing” that had just started in Brazil. After that day, in under 10 years he went from being a musician to one of the biggest computer manufactures in Brazil. And my mom…  Oh, she was there all along.

Before I start on my mom it’s important to note that she was studying to be a nun when she was 19, right before meeting my father. But I’m here today to write this story so she surely did change her mind! That’s probably partially why she’s the most polite and well educated woman I’ve ever met in my life. She was the only girl in a house with five boys. They lived in a place that in Brazil we call “roça”, and the closest translation I can think of for that in english is farm, but that’s not quite what it meant back then. All of their clothing was made by their mom, all of their food, they grew it right there, and for entertainment they would play out in the streets – but only until when my mom decided they should be outside. And that’s where the story gets interesting!

Once on a very sunny day with bright blue skies they were all outside playing and having fun, but eventually my mom got tired and decided it was time for her to go back inside. All of her siblings and friends were trying everything to keep her outside as she was important for the functionality of the games they were playing. She simply set her intention for rain to come and help her end that game and said “No, let’s go back inside, it’s about to start raining”.

They all laughed at her as it was one of the sunniest days of the month and no signs of rain or clouds at all! But almost immediately some clouds from very very far away started to rush in her direction, almost like if there was someone pulling them with a rope. In less than 5 minutes it was raining and all of the kids were back inside.

They noticed what she did, but the purity of their child-spirit allowed them to observe it simply as an odd but natural phenomena.

After that day, my mom realized that she could manipulate the weather in almost any circumstance without any effort, simply by saying the words of what she wanted to happen. She never understood why nor how it happened, but for a fact she knew it was real. Every single time.

That was only one of the cool things she could do, but the story doesn’t end there. Perhaps one day she will write a book about it herself. Or maybe I will!



But here I am, the daughter of the Witch-nun with the poor musician turned into business man.

What kind of combination could it result?

An alchemist seeking inner power while making art to ease the process. That’s me!

In easier words I’m a sound engineer, a musician, a video-maker, model and actress. All simultaneously or at times, while exploring the depths of myself and the Universe from within my heart. To read more of what I do put in a more formal manner, please click here for my (deleted) politically correct BIO.

So while I’m here on this Earth, I strive to share with you all the art I create from my heart and all of the teachings I’ve been practicing to help you travel into the Universe that awaits inside of your heart!