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This workshop is based on different mystics and masters experiences all over the world since the inception of human race. The content of this workshop is among some of the most important spiritual work in the world, that teaches people how to go into a sacred space in their hearts where all creation happens.

This workshop was developed by meditation master Daniel Mitel, author of “Jorneys into The Heart”, along with Drunvalo Melchizedek, world renewed for his work on  “The Ancient Secret Of The Flower of Life vol. I and II”, “Living In The Heart”, “Serpent of Light” and his life changing workshops “Cosmic Grace”, “Earth Sky Heart” and “Awakening The Illuminated Heart”.


This workshop is connected with “Awakening The Illuminated Heart” and it helps  people who have attended this seminar to better practice the meditation into the  Tiny Space Of Heart, or to better prepare before attending the Awakening The Illuminated Heart.


Coming up for the first time in Santa Monica, California, this life changing event will be taught by Larissa Anne (Ladi Anne for her artist name), teacher from, trained by Daniel Mitel.

Larissa had no choice but to start her spiritual journey from a very early age, inspired by her mother who had had very unusual spiritual connections with Mother Earth. Larissa’s mother had the gift to influence the weather in an almost instant matter, a special gift in which she had no explanation to why nor how it happened, it just happened. Being brought up in this unusual family was the start of Larissa’s spiritual journey. They surely taught her that the physical reality in which we see, it’s not all there is. But she discovered that even in the spiritual world, there is still polarity, negativity, and “not so good” entities, and for a long time that has caused her a lot of fear when dealing with the “unknown” world. Until she found out about the sacred space of the heart. Read her words bellow:


There is a place inside of your heart where fear, concerns and even trauma, ceases to exist while you are inside of this space. The vibration of the Tiny Space of The heart is the highest vibrational frequency I have ever felt in my life. And from a state of pure love and clarity, you are much better able to analyze and deal with difficult situations in your life without being dragged by the lower vibrational emotions. In my personal experience, I’ve been able to understand and release trauma, in a much faster and more effective way than I ever was when trying just using psychology. The entire Universe Is Connected from that space, and once you  are able to reach it, you’ll find a sense of “being back home”, where you lack nothing, you become whole and abundant, filled with love from this special connection with the creator.

This work has been changing my life and I really hope that it can affect yours too in infinite positive ways.

–   Larissa Anne

Some Topics Discussed In This Seminar:

  •  Healing (the 108 OM)
  •  Re-Connection with Mother Earth, Father Universe and Higher Self
  • The Torus of the Heart
  • The Intuitive Way
  • The Navel Method
  • The Breathing Method
  • The Forgiveness Dance
  • The Heart Concentration Method
  • The Third Eye Way

Our location is walking distance to one of the beaches in the north of Santa Monica, so we will practice the “Navel method” meditation during sunset at a beautiful beach where dolphins and whales often come to say hello! Beach meditation will be accompanied by live soothing music by composer/musician Tommaso Gimignani. 


May 5 (Saturday)
From 2pm until 7:30pm
May 6 (Sunday)
From 10:30am until 5:30pm 

Included in this workshop there is a wonderful fully Vegan Meal for lunch (day two) prepared with all organic ingredients.

The fee for this two-day workshop including the lunch is $250.00 per person.

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If you’d like to pay with international/domestic credit card via phone, please note it on your registration form for arrangements to be made. 

If you are unable to afford this fee but believe this information is important for your spiritual growth, please write about it on your registration form and I’ll be happy to discuss possibilities and payment plans.