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Sacred Space Of The Heart

The heart is a place where unity dismantles the poles of duality. It is a space where fear doesn’t exist as fear, but as the junction with its opposite, therefore your experience of fear from the heart is also one of courage.

Heart meditations


What really is meditation?

Meditation is an enormously vast concept, it is so personal to the self that is impossible to attribute a general correct  meaning. To seat at a park and stare at a tree can be considered meditation, to hug deeply, to focus on the breath, to dream… Anything that can pull you into a different state of consciousness can be considered meditation.

Now when we talk about Heart Meditations, this is a very specific practice done with the intention to move your awareness from the brain into the center of your heart. This sacred space holds the highest vibration we can experience in this dimension. It is a place where unity dismantles the poles of duality. It is a space where fear doesn’t exist as fear, but as the junction with its opposite, therefore your experience of fear from the heart is also one of courage. 

  Although imagination is one of the greatest teachers when it comes to learning this practice, a successful heart meditation requires a movement of the spirit. This can be achieved using imagery to guide your spirit into the heart.

You can only attract the vibration you’re emitting so in order to be able to tune in with such high vibration, often times healing work is needed.

It’s important to note that here I’m not talking about being in connection with your heart or feelings of love, these come to us often and naturally, here I’m specifically talking about a physical and spiritual special space inside of your heart, known as “The Sacred Space of The Heart” and further “The Tiny Space Of The Heart”.

I first learnt about Heart Meditations from Dr. Carl Totton, a psychologist, author, Chinese Martial Arts Grandmaster and Spiritual Teacher.   I attended his seminar “Awakening The Illuminated Heart” a few years ago in Los Angeles and my life has changed ever since. 

I was in a point of my life where I feared everything. I was a nerve wreck full of anxiety. I was creating all sorts of bad imagery in my mind, creating terrible accidents in my mind while driving and so on.  I couldn’t understand why.

On day two of this seminar I remember  driving at night from my house to a venue in Santa Monica to watch one of my friends perform and it was the most liberating drive of my life. I felt so much freedom and happiness because I was finally sure that I was safe and nothing bad was gonna happen to me.

A cure for anxiety? When you’re inside of the heart space, 100%.

The Awakening Of The Illuminated Heart was created by Drunvalo Melchizedek , author of the best seller “The Flower Of Life”.  Drunvalo  has also written “Living In The Heart”, an amazing book that goes very deep into the subject. Most recently, Drunvalo has written with Daniel Mitel “Journeys Into The Heart”, a book that summarizes many different methods for this meditation that they have gathered from all over the world.

The Tibetan Buddhist have a way of accessing the Sacred Space of The Heart using a method called “The Navel Way”;  In a Colombian tribe from the Sierra Nevada called Koguis, a few special members that are believed to be the next “Mammos” (spiritual leaders of the tribe) spend 9 years in complete darkness without ever getting out, to access this heart space once and for all. The Hearth Math Institute, based in California, has a very scientific approach to the subject and have developed devices to help aid skeptical-curious in their search for the heart.

I am now part of The School Of The Heart, trained by Daniel Mitel to teach these incredible heart meditations. If you’re interested on learning more, please feel free to contact me or click here to hear some recordings of guided meditations I’ve made for you 🙂

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